Gem (January 2008)

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Gem (January 2008)

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:53 am

Owner's Update:

"Just to let you know Gem settled in perfectly. What a dog! On the first night we showed Gem the house from top to bottom which she sniffed all over. She ate tea and then acted like she'd been here for years. Going upstairs checking things out, watching us put baby to bed and then sitting with us while we watched TV. Took her for a walk before bed and she's good on the lead, except when cars pass then she's spooked and steps away. If she sees a car coming, she hides in a gateway while it passes; it's quite funny! Her first night she never made a sound.

She's grown in confidence and gets on with us all, even the baby. Gem will lay by her on her bed. Gave her a bath yesterday, she never moved or made a sound until I'd finished. Then she ran round the house in excitement. Sam loves her but it's me Gem follows. If I go to the shop or in the car she sits and cries until I get back then she jumps about, wagging her tail; something which never stops moving.

We walk every morning and night. She knows when I get my coat what's happening. She's a fast learner and adorable. Thanks for such a fantastic lovable dog."



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