Rooney (January 2006)

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Rooney (January 2006)

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:02 am

Rooney now lives in Ammanford with his girlfriend Molly. He's a three-year-old blue buck with with an amazing story. He was handed in from a hawking centre. The lady who brought him cried as she explained someone had given them a litter of rabbits to feed to the birds Sad . He was the only one they couldn't home. Rooney loves his run but escapes so often he should be called Houdini. Within the first week, he escaped from his hutch, evaded a search party, broke into a doe's cage, and became the father of five. He's since been neutered and the wild-boy lifestyle is a thing of the past. He's quieter and more loving. Well done, Rooney.



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