Grace (2007)

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Grace (2007)

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:55 am

Owner's update:

"We took on Grace (a biscuit coloured lionhead) as a friend for Graham, our Dutch rabbit. They are now living together very happily in their new larger cage and have free run of the garden. We had a few teething problems, mostly Graham was a little too impressed with his new friend."

"There was one big hiccup about 3 weeks after Grace arrived when she ran into the side of her run when we were putting her into her cage one night. Following a five day stay at the vets, many tears and hand feeding, she made a full recovery and a very healthy dent in our bank balance. Despite this she is very much a part of the family and loved by all."

Many thanks: Louise, Henry, Eve, Graham and Grace


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