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Clover belonged to a grandfather of a boy who I [Amy - Rescue] was in college with. When his grandfather passed, he tried his best to look after her and found he was unable to do so. He then asked if i would take her on and see what I could do with her.
Clover was my first real challenge. It took 7 of us, three weekends to get her on a box. Then the problems started the other side, she wouldnt get off the box!!! lol! With a lot of persuasion we got her off. It was then the task of getting her in the stable, we failed miserably and started on the field. After another hour or so she was in, and thats where we left her for 3/4 days to settle.

Once I started working on her it didn't take as much time as I first thought, everyone around me said I would never make her handlable or get her in a stable.

After about 4 weeks I managed it, she was halterbroken and stabled every night!!!




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