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He was taken in by us from a tourist attraction in dorset, where he was left by an old employee and deemed un-handable!. When we were asked to take him, our first thought was it would be impossible to get funds to transport him that far, but through shear determination from Charlotte [whom first contacted us] the funds were raised!, and myself [Amy] and 2 other volunteers [Gareth & Richard] travelled the 4 hour journey to pick him up. It then took us and 4 others to get him on the lorry, even though he was responding superbly to parelli he obviously had a big issue with the lorry. After 2 hours of persuasion he finally went on and travelled the 4 hour journey home like an angel! Once at the farm he unloaded and walked to his new field with ease.

We have been unable to do much with him since he has been here, except for some bonding in the field due to bad weather and the suprise project that is Star, but work will be started soon, so that he can be re-homed or sold on.



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