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Jinx's story starts when his previous owner had contacted us saying she wanted to get rid of him after he had nipped a girl, not bitten but just caught her (as to why he nipped her, we were not told ). Then a friend of hers contacted us saying she was now very afraid of him, and kept him locked in a room all day until her husband came home, she said that his attitude was becoming very aggressive to the point where no one could go near him. (As you experienced dog people would know, leaving a dog especially an energetic dog like a dalmation in a room on its own every day would make him more aggressive)

We then began trying to arrange for us to collect him (They even offered to pay our petrol bill as we were travelling from Ammanford to Yorkshire Shocked ) unfortunately we were unable to travel the distance. We then had a disturbing message from the owner saying unless we came to collect him she would put Jinx down, even though she was against having someone drive down half of the way and we would collect him at the half way point. But through the determination of Carol she spent long hours organizing transport for him to reach us. In the end a friend of the owner drove down part of the way where volunteers from the rescue picked him up and then drove to newport where another rescue picked him up and brought him to us.

Upon his arrival he was muzzled and very aggressive (to the point where amy and carol were wondering what they had got themselves into Rolling Eyes ) but we all pulled through and amy even taught him to sit on the same night affraid, he also had diarrohea when he arrived and if you even looked at him he was growling and showing his teeth.

Now he's getting better, if you had seen him on the first day and then seen him today you would truly be shocked at his transformation. He only growls now when strangers walk in when he's in his cage. He sits, lays down, gives both paws and goes into his cage on command (with the help of treats now and again) Razz
I have been teaching him to walk by my side and i have to say he is doing really well, he does'nt even growl now when dogs walk past him (he does tense up a bit but he has really calmed down) We are all pleased to say that his uncontrollable diarrohea has stopped cheers (after amy, hollie and me (cal) had enough of cleaning it up). Thats all for now

(a week after we had him <we would'nt have been able to take a pic of him like this when he arrived>)


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