HP (March 2006)

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HP (March 2006)

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:07 am

HP was abandoned on the roadside in January 2006. He was a possibly Staff cross. We took him to his new owners and he was pretty chilled. He loved playing with the two girls and they allocated him some cuddly toys which he thought was great. Even though he cried when we left him, he settled quickly. He still stands on his paper and pees on the floor but he's learning. He's been for his first walks and walks well on the lead.

We'll miss him at the rescue but Sunday the chicken will be pleased he's gone as HP's favourite trick was to pull a feather out of her and bring it to me. Jo-jo will wonder why she's no longer used as a sofa, and Winnie will be glad to get her tail to herself again. Pommie will pout as there's one less dog to boss around.



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